Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Pitti Bimbo Children's Fashion Trade Show

Childrensalon's fashion buyers recently returned from a four day trip to Florence, Italy, to attend the children's fashion trade show, Pitti Bimbo.

It turns out we were the only independent children's retailer from the U.K!

During the trip, our talented buyers spent time hand-picking the best of the new collections, researching new trends, hanging out with the brands, and checking out some of catwalks.

The trade show is a full three days long, and there is a lot to do! Some highlights were attending the worldwide exclusive champagne preview of the new Hugo Boss children's collection, where they hung out with the buyers from Harrods and Selfridges. They also enjoyed some inspiring catwalks; a highlight being Diesel's, which was a celebration for their 25th anniversary.

There was live coverage of the whole trip from the buyers through our Twitter.

You can see more photos on our Facebook, by clicking here.

Monday, 22 June 2009

And the winner is.... Julie Cannon!

Congratulations to Julie Cannon who has won a fabulous Monnalisa bag from our recent competition held through our newsletter.

"Childrensalon offer 1st class customer service & they have a fantastic range of beautiful products, the best online childrens website i have ever used!"

Julie's comment about Childrensalon was picked at random from a wonderful selection of entries. We thoroughly enjoyed reading all of them and would like to thank everyone who entered! Watch out for more prize giving competitions that will be coming shortly to our newsletter readers.


Here's a selection of various other entries we received:

"What i love about Childrensalon is the amazing selection of clothing from a variety of designers, i love looking through the wonderful website that is fantastically set out, its fabulous, a real treat."
- Jennifer Wall

One of the best things about your site is, that it is so easy to use.
All the good brands that you have, a speciale Roberto Cavalli. ( i just love it )
I am also very happy for the currency exchange, it make it so much easier to shop on the site.
When ever i had a problem or question your employee has been very helpfull and polite on the phone.
That was some of the god things about your site.
- Sandra Blokgaard, Denmark

"I like best the unbelievable range of labels that turn children into princes and princesses at prices that are affordable in todays economy"
- Jane Brook

"Good Morning,
I like almost everything ….
Starting from the way you display the item in your site, the easy way of checking out, the fast shipping, unique style and items …. ect
Where ever I shop in my city I always go back and pick the things I saw in your site for my kids"
- Elaf AL - Tattan

"Children's salon is the best place to shop for kids clothes as the choice of clothes and the service is unbeatable."
- Maria Hicks

"My name is Rosana Mor, I'm from Spain and I live in a small town.
I must to tell that Childrensalon is not only the best shop online , is the best boutique for childrens in all categories, is better than any store in my city, and you can shop all the days if you want."
- Rosana Mor

"I love Childrensalin because you always satisfy my children elegant fashion style."
- Kher-Sing ONG

"i love everyting you have,,,yes all"
- Maria Welsh

"My Favourite web site for children clothes. :) "
- Hanan Nasralla, Qatar

"What I like best about Childrensalon is your website and how easy it is to navigate. Of course I also like the sales and the options in regards to the available designers. The service is good. Shipping is prompt."
- Glenda Morales, Canada

"Classical simplicity with sophistication, never get out of style"
- Kamini

"I like to shop at Childrensalon because it provides varieties of brands and reasonable price, including international shipping service."
- Donna Lee

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Preview the Autumn/Winter 2009 Collections

Ready to start planning your wardrobe for the new season? Or just fancy a taster of what's to come, and what's new?? We thought you might!

You can preview the new collections for Autumn/Winter 2009 here.

They will be online and available for purchase soon, so keep an eye out!

Friday, 12 June 2009

Pick of the day

John Galliano is one of the most influential designers of our time. And he's very popular with us too! On top of designing his fantastic own-name collections, he is also the man behind the legendary fashion house Christian Dior.

He always has a fun, flamboyant and wild flair when he designs, and this certainly shows through to his children's collection - where his playful imagination is translated into stunning clothing for young girls and guys who aren't afraid to make a fashion statement. But we almost don't need to tell you that with this dress, it speaks for itself! Click here to see it...

Click here to shop the John Galliano collection

Here's some more pictures from his ladies collection that inspired this mini-me version:

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Interview with Burberry designer, Christopher Bailey

Christopher Bailey is the talented man behind Britain biggest luxury brand, Burberry. He is known and celebrated for being the down to earth character that manages to keep a perfect balance of Burberry's heritage and tradition with fresh and contemporary design to create clothes that are completely of the moment.

Because we know the brand is so popular with our customers, we thought we would share this interesting interview done recently with the man himself...

The Burberry tartan is one of the most famous trademarks in the world. What are your own trademarks, passions and fetishes?
Christopher Bailey: One of my biggest things is that I love the countryside. People don't usually associate that with a fashion designer, but it's something that's really important or me. I was brought up in the countryside. I love gardening and spending time in agricultural surroundings.

How very British of you. You're almost as British as Madonna. Do you have horses, too?
I do have horses in my field. That probably makes me a big fat cliché.

More like a thin cliché. You're quite thin.
Well, I'd like to be, but I'm drinking too much.

Welcome to the club! Burberry is such a quintessentially British brand. Are you an Anglophile?
I've never considered myself an Anglophile. I've lived all over the world. I've lived in New York, Munich, Paris, Milan for a long time. Now I'm back in the UK, which is kind of weird. I do love my roots. I do love England and its diversity, but I also love being in other cities. I'd get claustrophobic in one place. Today we're in Manhattan, tomorrow I'm in London, Saturday in Yorkshire...

What's in Yorkshire?
That's where I live. I have a home there, a little cottage.

It must be a very sweet cottage.
It is a very sweet cottage. It's also very old, from 1633. It's an old farmhouse, surrounded by fields and cows and horses.

I bet you've done it up very nicely.
Actually I just finished a huge renovation. I hope it's nice. It's very simple. I love it.

What's your taste when it comes to interiors?
I don't like things when they feel too prissy or untouchable. If you're going to have a sofa then it should be a big sloppy sofa. I like a bit of grime and dirt as well. I don't like things too spotless and perfect. The same with clothes. I want clothes to feel like you own them, not like they own you. They should be a little disheveled and broken down.

Like they have stories to tell.
Yes, exactly. I love stories and poetry.

Do you really like poetry?
I don't love poetry. [Laughs.] We have something on English TV at the moment. They're trying to promote poetry in the UK, so I'm going to start reading poetry. I think I haven't been patient enough in the past.

I know music, too, is one of your interests. And I hear you discovered One Night Only, the band that's playing at tonight's launch...
I wouldn't say I discovered them. I would love to say that. I guess I found them before they hit.

What does music mean to you and how does it play into your work?
Music is so important. I love so many different types of music, from classical to one of my favorite artists, Bob Dylan. I love Joni Mitchell, the Stones, punk, the Pistols.

I'd love to see a punk-inspired Burberry collection. What would that look like?
I'm always a little influenced by punk anyway. But I like it when you discover that it's influenced by punk rather than wearing safety pins all over.

Not that you've never done that.
Not that I've never done that.

What's the most outrageous thing you've ever worn?
I was never crazy, but I did dye my hair blue. That's not so wild.

A lot of designers pretend like they lead normal lives, but it's rarely true. What's a typical weekend like for you?
I spend a lot of time in my studio working on a gazillion things, from fragrances to new buildings to designing furniture, and of course all the collections. But I also have my life outside the office, though I'm not a party person. I like to celebrate but I prefer intimacy to big parties, so I will usually go out for dinner or cook for friends and family. I spent last weekend with my family. We just cooked, read the newspapers, drank too much.

Let's talk about the new New York headquarters. It's a huge undertaking.
Yes, a labor of love. It's slightly smaller than our new London global headquarters. We designed it with the same plans, same layout, same furniture. But we do not have the big Burberry sign in London.

Neon just feels so New York.
Exactly. It's one of only six grandfathered buildings in New York where you can do that, so it's a big deal for us to be able to affect the iconic Manhattan skyline, which I love. And everyone here has a great can-do attitude. You guys are always glass half-full, whereas maybe in the UK we're a bit glass half-empty. There's always such camaraderie in New York. It's a pleasure being here.

Source: Hint Mag

See the Burberry childrenswear online

Monday, 1 June 2009

Jean Paul Gaultier does kids

The enfant terrible of Paris fashion, Jean Paul Gaultier, entered a new fashion realm - and a favourite one of ours - childrenswear. Not one for sticking to conventions, he introduced his new kids collection by parading some very dapper-looking children down his catwalk show in Paris. The collection was made up of traditional tailoring with a twist, topped of with afro wigs!

As big fans of his eponymous adult collection, and equally huge admirers of his work for Hermès, we are excited to announce we have bought his new collection for Autumn/Winter 2009. The collection goes up to 14 year and should arrive in June. Ohh, the excitement! Who will be next, we wonder??!

"Cute, but also kind of joyous." - Style.com

"It was a parade of trendy young things off to church in their Sunday best" - Vogue