Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Creative Inspiration

We recently had a young man come to Childrensalon for his work experience from West Heath school - made famous by Princess Diana, who says she spent the "happiest days" of her life there. Thanks to Mohamed Al Fayed’s generosity, The New School opened as a living memorial to both Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed in September 1998.

Charlie - who came to us for work experience - helped out with our studio team for a fun and inspiring week. So much creativity is involved in the work we do that we always hope to pass some of it on to keen young students! It's truly rewarding to see how much someone can evolve in a week.

Charlie now has his own style blog! It was inspired by one of Childrensalon's personal favourite fashion blogs, The Sartorialist. He called it Charlie's Style Spotting, and has done a tremendous job so far.

Click on the link to read it, and we hope you will send him some comments if you like it as much as we do! http://www.charlesgeddie.blogspot.com

If anyone is interested in doing some work experience with us, please e-mail us at studio@childrensalon.com

Monday, 23 March 2009

Congratulations to the Irish Rugby team

All over Ireland, and the UK alike, fans and supporters broke into overjoyed celebration on Saturday night when the Irish rugby team won the Six Nations Grand Slam for the first time in a whopping 60 years - a victory that will go down in history for the proud Irish players and fans. Childrensalon's founder, Sybil Harriman, was an avid supporter of the Irish rugby team and would have been most proud of their success.

Here's the team celebrating with Prince William there on the right:

Here is a video of the team being welcomed home as they arrive off the plane by an estimated 2,000 fans. Click here to watch it.

If you're inspired to dress for the celebration, many of our brand's heritage and design is influenced by the rugby rugger look. We would recommend: Gant, Hackett London and Ralph Lauren.

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Childrensalon clothes in Hello! Magazine

We recently had ex-Casualty (BBC TV) actress, Rebekah Gibbs, come and hang out at our Childrensalon store with her daughter, Gigi, and a film crew to pick out an outfit from our Special Occasion room. As most seem to, she fell in love with a lot that we had to offer, and of course, our Designer Brand room!

Here's some pictures of them having fun in with Affie in our Designer Brand room. You can read the full story on our news page, here.

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Fashion and Fun in our Studio

Heres a peek at some more of our new Spring/Summer 2009 stock on this fun video...

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Twitter Your Mind

So, the latest buzzword in the fashion industry is Twitter. Everyone seems to be twittering away about their latest musings.

Not only is it the place to have a flowing update of what your friends are doing and thinking, you can also get live catwalk reviews before the show has even finished, be in-the-know with gossip you would never normally hear.. AND you can even find out what's on Karl Lagerfeld's or Marc Jacobs mind. (For anyone who has read our blog previously, you will know how much we love Karl Lagerfeld, the genius Chanel and Fendi designer). Or perhaps you could follow what your favourite musician is doing today?

And now you can get daily twitters from Childrensalon too! We will be announcing when new stock arrives on Twitter and other useful details, so that is the place to really be first-to-know. The only warning is that it can become a tad addictive!

Monday, 9 March 2009

Childrensalons Arabic Blog

We have grown in the big blogoshphere world. We wanted to share our blog with more customers around the world, so we've now got our very own Arabic blog! And the Japanese blog is already in progress..

You can see our new blog here: http://childrensalonuae.blogspot.com/

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Our Morning Journey

Working in the countryside has its benefits. Our morning journey to the warehouse is a very scenic one. It's certainly a pleasant and fresh way to start the day. Gracie stopped to take a picture of the misty morning scenes to share with you....

Monday, 2 March 2009

Enjoy Fashion

Hello! We hope you had a good weekend... :o)
To start the new week on a positive note, we thought we'd share this quote from Vogue Bambini's editors letter for the new Spring/Summer 2009 issue:

"I realized that fashion has become a way for the family to spend time together, discuss things, and learn about style. Fashion is a moment that can be shared and enjoyed, and it is a topic of conversation. This is the importance and significance of fashion, and children know that. Good for them, and good for their parents who explained it to them."

So on that note, we wish you a good week - and here's to enjoying fashion!