Friday, 10 April 2009

Window to Easter

Jemma - one of our talented staff members - beautifully decorated our shop window for the Easter holidays. She wrote some words describing her process and inspiration...

Visions of Easter are a mood-enhancing tribute to the awakening of spring, blossoms, buds and the return of colour after the sombre monotones of winter.

Children Salon is a fantasy atelier of the finest brands brought to life, this is an inspiring basis that lends itself perfectly to creating your own mini world in a window. My starting point was our fabulous Children Salon tissue paper, which somehow blossomed all by itself into a little dream land of Children Salon flowers and bold, bright clothing set against whites, creams and overcast greys.

In many ways I’ve found that window dressing is about illustrating one side of Children Salon’s personality as a story, it’s a little landscape that doesn’t exist in reality, but captures a mood or theme that does.

Using my forgotten craft skills, I turned my living room into a flower factory – I had pipe-cleaner and tissue paper coming out of my ears – to create a flower carpet and decorated ivy climbers as little May poles or Easter trees. In love with the illustrations of Jeffrey Fulvimari I brought some of his kitsch style into creating little bunny masks for a surreal, candy-land background.
Choosing outfits and accessories was easy with so much dramatic colour and joviality within the collections – all shades of elfish green prevailed as did vibrant, daffodil yellow, dressed up with dapper tailoring and all manner of shape and form that has made the collections so exciting.

Perhaps the most satisfying motivation is the amazing encouragement and support of my ideas from the whole team – Thanks guys!

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