Saturday, 14 March 2009

Twitter Your Mind

So, the latest buzzword in the fashion industry is Twitter. Everyone seems to be twittering away about their latest musings.

Not only is it the place to have a flowing update of what your friends are doing and thinking, you can also get live catwalk reviews before the show has even finished, be in-the-know with gossip you would never normally hear.. AND you can even find out what's on Karl Lagerfeld's or Marc Jacobs mind. (For anyone who has read our blog previously, you will know how much we love Karl Lagerfeld, the genius Chanel and Fendi designer). Or perhaps you could follow what your favourite musician is doing today?

And now you can get daily twitters from Childrensalon too! We will be announcing when new stock arrives on Twitter and other useful details, so that is the place to really be first-to-know. The only warning is that it can become a tad addictive!

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Anonymous said...

great i love twitter!