Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Snow Days

Today and yesterday we had snow days! We haven't had this much snow in the UK for 18 years. With the snow came lots of amusements: sledging, building snow men, snow ball fights and the breathtaking views.

It didn't bring good news for everyone however. 6,000 schools closed, along with local shops and most transport methods. Michele, Bonnie and Affie were stranded in Birmingham after attending a trade show because the trains were cancelled, and a few staff members couldn't get out their homes!

Have you been affected?
We took some photos to share with you...

View of the Grove Park, behind the High Street.

View down onto the High Street where our shop is.

This is Calverly Park - a 2 minute walk from our Shop - where some of us went sledging.

Kailas and Sarah in Calverly Park.

Sorcha and Zain on the way to the studio.

Daniel having fun in the snow.

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Siobhan said...

Beautiful, beautiful snow! We've none over here in Ireland...boo hoo!